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(Water Osteopathy)

Sometimes you may feel you are in too much pain to be pulled about and manipulated, and that even the smallest amount of movement may increase your pain.

In these circumstances we recommend Water Osteopathy!

Water Osteopathy is the application of Osteopathic principals and treatment, utilising the spa pool, sauna, steam room & pool here at our clinic.

The application of Osteopathic techniques whilst in water allows your body to be more easily decompressed. This is due to the natural effect that water has on us & means that you will be more comfortable and in less pain during and after your session. Many of the structures that are being compromised may be more easily treated in this way.

A great deal of research has been done on the therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy and when you couple this with the application of Osteopathy in the water the results are quite remarkable!

Your first appointment will start the same as a normal Osteopathic consultation with a full case history being taken. The gathering of this information about your injury and your past medical history is vitally important and helps us to be able to ensure your safety and assess your suitability for Water Osteopathy.

Once you are happy with the proposed treatment plan your Osteopath will show you through to the changing area which leads through to the pool, where your treatment will commence. Use of one or more of the facilities including spa pool, sauna, steam room & pool will be incorporated in to your treatment. The application of Osteopathic treatment including soft tissue massage, spinal & peripheral manipulation as well as functional and cranial techniques will be applied in the water.

Following your treatment you will be shown back to the changing area and then taken back through to the rehab centre, here you will be given specific advice to follow regarding your diagnosis and pain. This advice may include information on how to improve your general function in order to restore a more normal movement pattern and help decrease your pain!

The use of the changing areas and showers are available both before and after your treatment session!

To book an appointment, call us on 01793 250023 or email info@themedical.co.uk

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