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Mother & Baby

Conditions we have helped with include but are not limited to:
  • Colic
  • Otitis media (glue ear)
  • Reflux
  • ADHD
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Feeding difficulty's
  • Asthma
  • Constipation
  • Unsettled babies and poor sleeping patterns
It is a commonly believed that babies should have no functional problems in their little bodies as they are new to this world and have not been exposed to the stresses and strains of daily life. Although, the reality of this may be different. Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience but unfortunately for some expectant mothers it is a stressful time that can be complicated by dysfunction and pain. It is important to get any problems you experience during pregnancy assessed, treated and monitored safely and effectively. This is something Osteopaths have been doing for years with great success!

Birth can be an incredibly stressful event for both mother and baby, during which both are subjected to enormous stresses and strains. The baby is subjected to pressure from the uterus which is essential to push them through the birth canal. This event may sometimes not go as planned and a little help may be needed.

This help can take several forms; from an induction to start the labour to intervention at the final stages of delivery where the use of forceps, ventouse or in some more severe cases an emergency caesarean section may be needed.

The baby's head has been designed to withstand and absorb the natural forces of labour. This process is known as "moulding" and is a perfectly natural part of a baby's delivery.

Commonly, babies are born with odd shaped heads which is sometimes referred to as "excessive moulding". This is usually seen to improve in the first few days after birth. However, on some occasions the process may not be complete, typically in more difficult births.

Any retained moulding may be directly related to various problems that your baby displays. These could include difficulties with feeding, sleeping and digestive upsets amongst others.

Any strains within the cranium can cause irritation of the delicate cranial nerves as they pass out from the base of the skull. Some of these nerves supply the muscles of the tongue and face and others reach as far as the digestive system. Therefore, irritation of these nerves can give rise to difficulties with speech, amongst other complaints.

Water Osteopathy for Babies & Children

Babies and children respond incredibly well to Osteopathy and during our time as Osteopaths we have helped many babies, children & parents with a multitude of problems. As parents ourselves we understand the importance of feeling happy and secure with the therapist that will be treating your little ones. This is why we encourage you to contact us in order to talk to the therapist about your child and the problems you are experiencing. We are confident that this will result in putting your mind at rest about us and getting an idea of how we can help.

We have found that in most cases Water Osteopathy has been the most effective form of treating babes and children. The relaxing benefits of being in a pool, coupled with the correct treatment, has resulted in the majority of parents noticing an almost immediate change following treatment.

During the session both child and parent will need to be in the pool but, if for any reason you are unable to take your child in to the pool, please talk to us about this as we may be able to provide a suitable chaperone. It is however imperative that a parent/ guardian remain at the poolside at all times.

The difference in response to treatment from Water Osteopathy to more traditional forms of Cranial Osteopathy is remarkable. We first developed this form of Osteopathy whilst treating our own children and the rapid response clearly indicated that, wherever possible, this was the most effective way to make lasting results with fewer treatments being needed.

Our difficulty in providing this type of treatment has always been finding a suitable pool. Now that we have this excellent facility on site, we are thrilled to be able to offer this incredible treatment to all our patients so you all can feel the positive effects this form of Osteopathy has on the whole family.

It is important that you as parents understand the condition your child has and we will discuss this with you along with what we propose to do to help them and how you can help manage the condition.

Treatment of Children

If not treated appropriately, some moulding problems or strains may be carried on through your child's development. This can potentially make recurring infections more likely, including such conditions as glue ear and sinusitis.

There may also be mechanical restrictions in & around the jaw which can play a role in how the mouth develops and may result in misalignment & overcrowding of the teeth.

Osteopathic treatment may help these problems and many others including dyspraxia, behavioural problems, & hyper activity disorders.

We use light pressure to specific areas to gently assist in the release of strains, restoring function and symmetry to the body. Most treatments will involve Cranial Osteopathy but some gentle soft tissue techniques may also be suitable.

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